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Royal House, Inc., a non-profit therapeutic group home is a residential program for the youth. It is licensed by the Mental Health Administration and provides access to a range of diagnostic and therapeutic mental health services to youth who are moderate-to-high risk and are emotionally or developmentally disabled. 


Our approach to group living is totally different from most other models of group homes. Royal House, Inc. is a home away from home. Our staff members are dedicated to assist all our members. Its a family is forever.


Royal House, Inc. is a non-profit organization, established in Maryland  and licensed by the Mental Health Administration. Royal House provides independent residential living for adults with mental illness. The mission of Royal House is to provide a safe, secure environment and a supportive atmosphere for adults to become productive participants in society despite the challenges of mental illness. Our role is to structure a resident’s individual environment to give a resident the best chance at success in the community.

Our Values

Our program is individualized for each resident and enhances the quality of life in a less restrictive environment, while nurturing independence, dignity, and personal life choices and peace of mind for families. We aspire to achieve this through modeling, assisting, coaching, and supporting each in the social, financial, and interpersonal areas of their lives. Royal House for Independent Living is truly a place to call home. For adults facing mental illness.

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Serving those in need is our priority 

(410) 240 4412


8415 Bellona Lane

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