Unrivaled Freedom to Live

Personalized programs and support for troubled teens and adults.

Together, we are making an environment where the quality life for the mentally are paramount 

Royal House seeks to assist families who face many struggles in finding community residential services by creating an environment where individuals feel welcome, secure, and validated. 



We are creating a community that welcomes people with mental health challenges through our unique program.


Professional & Friendly Staff

Royal House hires those who embrace the person-centered concept of developing a program around the strengths and needs of residents.



  • Encouraging family participation and community collaboration.
  • Celebrating successes, regardless of how small, which are necessary on the road to recovery and fulfillment.

Our Programs

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Residential Support Program

Royal House is a wonderful group home for troubled teens. In a supportive environment with dignity and respect, we provide personal care, education, and an environment for healing and growth.


Community Support Program

Royal House’s Community Support Program helps people move forward in life through a collaborative coaching process in which individuals and their Mental Health Life Coaches develop a meaningful, proactive, and mutually agreed-upon plan.

Staying at Royal House

Royal House is a voluntary residential program designed to meet the needs of individuals seeking services and facing mental health challenges. Royal House wants residents to feel at home, to be engaged in the household.

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Serving those in need is our priority

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